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"Welcome To My Little World"

My name is Kristen Meyers
and I was born on 8/10/71
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
I am the only girl out of 6 boys.
You might say that my parents
wanted a baseball team,lol.

This is my first attempt at
making a homepage,
please bare with me.

I lived a happy childhood until
my Dad passed away when I was 10.
Things were not quite the
same in our household.
My oldest brother Daniel filled my
Dad's shoes well. I & my younger
bother (Matthew) were most greatful
for Daniel's & my mom's support.

6 more years past when the
accident struck. Mom and I were on
our way to go shopping for Christmas
presents for Grandma. We were
driving along the interstate when
a drunk driver hit us.
Mom was killed instantly.
I received cuts and bruises.
The young man that struck us only
received a misdeamnor.

My brother Matthew and I went to
live with our aunt and uncle up in
Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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