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My brother's (Daniel and Stevie) moved
to Arizona where Daniel met his wife.
They now have a beautiful daughter,
Susan, who was named after my mom.

A few weeks after the accident
I started having trouble
breathing. I awoke to find myself
in intensive care. It was discovered
that a blood clot from my leg broke
lose and traveled to my lung.
I made a full recovery :)

I became interested in helping others
as the medical team helped me.
I enrolled in college and became
a radiologist. During that
time I had trouble comprehending
chemistry. I was given a tutor,
Carla, she helped me through
the course and I was introduced
to her brother Tom.

Tom and I dated for 3 years and
were married June,10,1994. We tied
the knot in my Aunt's backyard.
Tom's job eventally took him
to Niagara Falls, New York. This
was a hard move for me. It was
sad to leave my family and friends.

I was now settled in at our new
home when once again,tragedy struck.
My brother,Tommy (37),died
in a small plane crash.

Time past and we had our 1st son,
Daniel, he is now 22 months and the
apple of my eye :) I didn't know
that I could love a child so much.
Our 2nd son Kyle was born and now
our bunch is complete. Kyle is our

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