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The greatest gift someone can
give is the GIFT of life.
I gave my children life and
I am at peace now.
I shall be with my parents
and brother again. I am afraid
of dying but not of death.
Living with cancer is dreadful.
The pain is unbearable, I cry
everyday. To see Kyle happy
makes the pain all worth it.
God protect my 2 little angels
Will I be here tomorrow?
Mom I NEED you!

I encourage others that are
afflicted to muster up courage
and fight for life. I could
have been a survivor if I
began treatment sooner. I guess
you might say that I chose
death over living. This
decision came easy for me.

I leave my story for all to
read. Everyday tell your loved
ones and friends how much
they mean to you, for tomorrow
they may be gone.

I pray to God everyday that my
death will be the end of our
family tragedy and that my
sons grow up to be fine men.
My homepage may be plain and
simple but fancy words and pretty
backgrounds are not needed
to get my message across.

Cherish what you have today, Reach
out an extend a hand to your
neighbor, Give a hug, SMILE. it
will last a lifetime.
Never give up on today,
for tomorrow will be brighter.
Overcome sorrow & fear.
Be fair & non judgemental.

My Life will continue
through the eyes of my boys

My Future:

Tom and Danny:


I have not included a photo of me.
I want to be remebered for my charity,
my lending a hand to my fellow man,
my smile and laughter, a great mom,
a loving wife, a devoted friend,
and most of all remember ME.
"I luv you Tom"


Kris passed away this evening at 8:03.
I will remember you forever my friend.
Your dream came true, your page is posted.
Your message as been sent my friend.
May you rest in peace under
God's gentle hand.
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